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When you were a child, how cool would you have found it if a grown-up had come to your school and ASKED you to draw silly cartoons for an hour, or even a whole day? That would have blown my tiny mind. Sadly it never happened to me, but now I regularly apply myself to making it happen for the kids of today.

Since 2006 I've led many cartooning workshops in schools and libraries, mostly (but by no means exclusively) within the West Midlands. I'm also a part-time tutor at mac, one of Birmingham's foremost Arts venues, and have been an assistant tutor on Hi8us Midland's COMIX course for teens and young adults.

My main priority in a workshop is to get everyone drawing, especially the hesitant artists. I do this by alternating live drawing demonstrations with fun games and drawing exercises. By the end of an hour-long or 90 minute session, most kids have not only created their own characters, but have learned how to put together a basic story. Sessions lasting a whole day can cover a full range of cartooning skills, from character design through to writing a script and planning out a whole comic page. (The page on the right was created by a year 6 girl after a day-long session in a school in Nottingham). I specialise in funny comics, although I have run manga-based workshops in the past too.

If you're interested in having me visit your school, library or event, please email me via the Contact link above so we can have a chat. I have an enhanced CRB certificate, full public liability insurance, and an absolute obsession with getting kids to draw crazy things. I can devise workshops based on practically any theme, but if by any chance I can't meet your needs I'll be able to put you in contact with other workshopping comic artists who can.